Our Calendar


Our Calendar


January 15: Fourth Quarter Federal and state income tax estimate must be post marked.

January 15: Electronic tax returns can be processed

January 31: W2 and 1099 forms must be postmarked and mailed.


March 15: Corporations returns must be postmarked


April 15: Individual tax returns must be postmarked or file an extension. Extensions does not allow extra time to pay the tax. Extensions only allow extra time to file a return.

April 15: The last day to do an IRA for the previous year. Most firms prefer a few days to process the paperwork.

April 15: First quarter estimates are due for the federal and state.



June 15: Second quarter federal and state estimates are due.


August 15: Automatic extensions no longer expire today, they expire October 15th and there is no double extension form any longer.


September 15: Third quarter estimates are due today for federal and state. Corporate Extensions expire today. No additional extensions are available. Penalties for late filing with be assessed by IRS even if no tax is due.


October 1 Last day to complete paperwork for a SIMPLE IRA. Funding can take place up until the due date of the tax return.

October 15: Extensions expire today. No additional extensions are available.

October 15: This is the last day to e-file a tax return for the current year.


December 31: If you itemize your deductions please mail your fourth quarter state estimate. It is normally due 1-15.